Another very quick but exciting update:

I am grateful to announce that a couple of months ago, I was awarded a grant from Wellcome Trust on ‘Identifying Optimal Neurostimulation for Epilepsy using Computational Approaches’ (IONECA). The project will focus on computational analyses and modelling of neurostimulation data in epilepsy.

The RA post associated with this project is now advertised here, with a second RA post to be advertised towards the end of next year. Please get in touch if you are interested about the project or the post(s).

New papers online, new PhD student

After a long break, I finally get around to update this website. A few bits of news have accumulated:

Our paper on modelling of seizure onset patterns and mechanisms has finally also appeared online today in PLoS Computational Biology.

Our paper “Understanding epileptiform after-discharges as rhythmic oscillatory transients” has recently appeared in the Frontiers Research Topic Neural mechanisms and modulations of epilepsy: from experimental and clinical data to computational modelling evidence.

Finally, Gabrielle Schroeder has just started her PhD with me: welcome Gabrielle!

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